Theatrical Reviews

Blood Of Macbeth                              Captain (Supporting)       Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre        Jul 2012       Photos

"It too is full of sound and fury, enacted collectively but signifying a manic swath of angst. It spits in our faces and winks. It defies analyzing. It’s just something to be felt. You can’t leave this tiny room without feeling something. And that’s not bad."

"...The calmer yet colorful performance of The Captain was played humorously by Roger Weiss."

"I'm not sure if this is meant more for laughs or for chills, but it gets quite a few of both reactions, thanks to the razor-sharp discipline of just about everyone on stage."

Urban Death 2012                               Ensemble                    Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre        Apr 2012       Photos

"It takes a very special cast to create this type of gooseflesh inspiring show... Granted no one when seeing it live considers the breathless pace requiring quick set/dress changes, instantaneous poses in total darkness between scenes, and immediate ensemble tableaus, but on reflection, the coordinated efforts and stealthy ability to move around without being audible is extraordinary."!OpenDocument

Dead of Night
                                           Monette (Lead)              Lankershim Arts Center                          Oct 2011       Photos

"Roger Weiss makes the troubled Monette alternately relieved and suspicious."

"The cast and their directors are all strong, with particular standout performances by Jared Martzell (in “Mute” and “The Ten O’Clock People”), Roger Weiss (“Monette”) and Kathy Bell Denton (“Harvey’s Dream”)."

Urban Death 2011                                        Ensemble                      Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre        Jun 2011       Photos

"Through an extraordinary alchemy of performer, costume designer, eerie lighting effects, stunning use of music and sound, and the intricate choreography of human bodies, Urban Death invents a phantasmagoric dream world, which, as far as this reviewer is concerned, could have gone on and on."

Turbo Tartuffe                                           Orgon (Lead)                 Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre        May 2011      Photos

"Roger K. Weiss portrays Orgon as just the kind of befuddled, moralistic dunderhead capable of being gulled out of family and fortune by the transparent posturing at piety practiced by Tartuffe."

The Spirit Of Man                                      Guerdon (Lead)             Hunger Artists Theatre (OC)                    Dec 2010    Photos

" amusingly befuddled Roger K. Weiss..."

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead     Polonius (Supporting)      Hunger Artists Theatre (OC)                    Oct 2010     Photos

"Anthony Galleran's staging pretty much scores a bullseye in realizing the script's themes."

The Odd Couple                                         Vinnie (Supporting)          Huntington Beach Playhouse (OC)         Oct 2009      Photos

"[The] poker players — Daniel Lucero’s concerned cop Murray, Michael Corcoran’s reserved accountant Roy and Roger K. Weiss’ edgy Vinnie... function as a virtual familial unit with all the verbal conflict such a relationship entails."

Sylvia                                                         Greg (Lead)                     Cabrillo Playhouse (OC)                         Feb 2009     Photos

"This truly is one of the brightest ever to be staged at the cozy 66-seat Cabrillo."

Of Mice and Men                                       Whit / Boss (Supporting)     Long Beach Playhouse                          Jun 2008     Photos

"Michael Ross directs the wonderful cast, which also includes Roger K. Weiss..."

"The acting rose to the occasion."