Résumé - Actor


Year of the Monkey                                 Rabobo (Lead)            Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre        Feb 2016

Carmilla                                                   Carlsberg (Supporting)      Lyric Hyperion Theatre                            Oct 2015

Grace Note                                              Norman (Lead)            OC-Centric New Play Festival                 Aug 2015

Love for Beginners                                  Narrator (Lead)            Theatre Unleashed                                  May 2015

Santa Doesn't Live Here Anymore         Dad (Lead)                    Charles Stewart Howard Playhouse       Dec 2014

Urban Death: Tour of Terror                   Ensemble                      Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre        Oct 2014

Nightmaricomio                                       Ensemble                      Theatre Asylum                                        Jun 2014

My Lady                                                  The Husband (Lead)     Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre        Feb 2014

Nightmares                                             Ensemble                      Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre        Jan 2014

Real Worldz: Season Infinite Doom       Colin Earth (Lead)         Eclectic Company Theater                     Dec 2013

Six Characters in Search of an Author   Father (Lead)                Cre8ive Differences                                Sep 2013

Buffy the Buffalo Fluffer                           Dylan (Lead)                 Eclectic Company Theater                     Aug 2013

Urban Death 2013                                   Ensemble                     Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre        Apr 2013       Photos     Reviews

The Rending                                            Roger (Lead)                Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre       Feb 2013

Brief Chronicle                                         Father Matt (Lead)        Missing Piece Theater                            Jan 2013

foo-dock-oh-lips                                       Pablo (Lead)                 Eclectic Company Theater                     Dec 2012

Not With Monsters                                   Frankenstein (Supp)      Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre       Oct 2012       

Back In The Day                                     Jim (Lead)                     Cre8ive Differences                                Sep 2012

Blood Of Macbeth                                   Captain (Supporting)        Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre       Jul 2012        Photos     Reviews

               Awarded Bitter Lemons "Top 10 Best Reviewed Shows of 2012" Award!  

Philip Glass Buys A Loaf Of Bread         Baker (Lead)                 Cre8ive Differences                                May 2012

Urban Death 2012                                    Ensemble                     Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre        Apr 2012       Photos     Reviews

Redhead                                                   Dick (Lead)                   Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater        Mar 2012

Askance                                                   Mikey (Supporting)           Eclectic Company Theater                      Jan 2012
Latkes & Grits                                          Marty (Lead)                  Missing Piece Theater                             Nov 2011

Dead of Night                                           Monette (Lead)              Lankershim Arts Center                           Oct 2011       Photos     Reviews

Risqué                                                      Father (Lead)                James Armstrong Theater                       Sep 2011

The Skit Factory                                       Beck (Lead)                  Young Actor’s Studio Theatre                  Jul 2011

Urban Death 2011                                    Ensemble                      Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre        Jun 2011       Photos     Reviews

Turbo Tartuffe                                           Orgon (Lead)                 Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre        May 2011      Photos     Reviews

               Performance Nominated for 2012 L.A. Weekly Theater Award!  

M.V.P.                                                        F.D.R. (Supporting)         Theatre West                                            Apr 2011

Graffiti: The Play                                        Manny (Supporting)        Academy For New Musical Theatre          Mar 2011

Tarantino Tales                                          Boss (Supporting)           Hollywood Fight Club Theatre                   Mar 2011

You Can’t Get the Parrot to Squawk          Roger (Lead)                Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre         Feb 2011     Photos

The Spirit Of Man                                      Guerdon (Lead)             Hunger Artists Theatre (OC)                    Dec 2010    Photos     Reviews

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead     Polonius (Supporting)      Hunger Artists Theatre (OC)                    Oct 2010     Photos     Reviews

The Odd Couple                                         Vinnie (Supporting)          Huntington Beach Playhouse (OC)         Oct 2009      Photos     Reviews

Joe’s Treehouse                                         Joe (Lead)                      Hunger Artists Theatre (OC)                  Jul 2009

Hospitality Suite                                         Phil (Lead)                      Camino Real Playhouse (OC)                Apr 2009

Sylvia                                                         Greg (Lead)                     Cabrillo Playhouse (OC)                         Feb 2009     Photos     Reviews

Oliver!                                                        Mr. Bumble (Supporting)     Orange County Rep Theatre (OC)         Nov 2008

Bus Stop                                                     Dr. Lyman (Supporting)      Anaheim Community Theater (OC)       Sep 2008

Of Mice and Men                                       Whit / Boss (Supporting)     Long Beach Playhouse                          Jun 2008     Photos     Reviews

Picasso at the Lapin Agile                          Sagot (Supporting)              Cabrillo Playhouse (OC)                        Apr 2008

Our Town                                                   Mr. Webb (Supporting)          Camino Real Playhouse (OC)              Feb 2008

Inspecting Carol                                        Phil Hewlitt (Supporting)        Cabrillo Playhouse (OC)                       Nov 2007     Photos


Lunchtime Confidential (Student Film)       Van Zandt                            Angel Rincon, Dir.   2010 Newport Beach Film Festival Selection!

The Mark of Luther (Student Film)             Peter                                   Damian Sosa, Dir.

100 Proof (Student Film)                            Policeman                           Alex Goyette, Dir.   2009 Newport Beach Film Festival Selection!

The Dollar (Student Film)                           Boss                                    Ed Baumann, Dir.

The Rat (Project Greenlight Short)            Ambulance Attendant          Les Lyshkov, Dir.


Alice In Wonderland                                    Humpty Dumpty (Supporting)  Celtic Arts Center

Are We There Yet?                                      Homeless Man (Supporting)    Aweezel Hed Stage Adventure (Traveling)

Aweezel Hed Hollywood Holiday                  Billy (Lead)                           Aweezel Hed Stage Adventure (Traveling)

Are There Alligators In the Sewers               T.J. (Lead)                            Aweezel Hed Stage Adventure (Traveling)  

      of the City of Los Angeles?                                                                                                                          


Tekkaman: The Space Knight  (26 episodes)  Voices                              William Winckler Productions

Tekkaman: The Space Knight – The Movie     Evil Tekkaman                  William Winckler Productions

The Micro-Agents (13 episodes)                      Billy                                   William Winckler Productions